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2nd June
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Please fill out the officer nomination form before August 1, 2010 (11:45 PM CT).

Officer roles and responsibilities

President: The President shall be the principal executive officer of the association and shall in general supervise and control all of the business and affairs of the association. He/She shall preside at all meetings of the members, the Executive Committee, and of the Board of Directors. In the absence of the President or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act, the Vice President-Programs, shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President.

Vice President: The Vice Presidents shall oversee various committees which have been assigned to them and are responsible for the action of such committees.

Secretary: When acting as Secretary, he/she shall keep the minutes of the Association and keep a record of all proceedings of every meeting of the members and of the Board of Directors. They shall attend to correspondence, keep a roll of the members, and shall be custodian of the records.

Treasurer: As Treasurer, he/she shall have charge of all monies and books of accounts of the Association and shall render monthly reports and accounting thereof at the biannual meeting and at such other times when requested by the Board of Directors of the Association. An audit of the books will take place at the request of the Board of Directors of the Association.


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