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1st October
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This was pulled directly from the University of Houston Alumni Association. Help UH get up to Tier One!

Sure, there’s no mud-slinging presidential election this year, and hopefully no hanging chads either — but this fall’s election does include something that would directly impact the University of Houston: a constitutional amendment that provides a pathway for more Tier One universities in the State of Texas.

It’s called Proposition 4, and it will be on the ballot on November 3rd. The UH Alumni Association is asking the entire UH community to rally behind this very important cause.

Four things to know about Prop. 4:

  • It does not call for any taxes to be levied or bonds to be issued.
  • California has nine Tier One universities. New York has seven. Texas has only three!
  • To qualify for the funding, schools will have to meet benchmarks determined by the Higher Education Coordinating Board and the State Legislature.
  • The enabling legislation received unanimous bipartisan support from the Texas Legislature.

Visit for more information on this important issue, plus voter registration links, polling locations, and early voting dates.

It’s time to talk it up with your family, friends, and co-workers! You’ll hear more from us as the election approaches, but until then, remember to VOTE FOR Prop. 4.

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